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MEGA is proud to announce that the Newberry Scholarship is back and we are excited to partner on them with on bringing economic relief to our athletes.


We believe that no child should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sport. Newberry’s BLOCK provides support to children to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sports.

• Newberry’s BLOCK provides sports scholarships to children from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs.
• Newberry’s BLOCK supports programs that provide the child with a sustained sport experience led by qualified instructors.



 Children aged 18 and under are eligible to apply for a grant.
• Newberry’s BLOCK considers the social and economic barriers facing the family when determining eligibility.
• Families that are currently unemployed, of low income, or receiving income support are considered.
• Scholarships are allocated for sport registration fees and equipment deemed by Newberry’s BLOCK as necessary for safe play.
• Scholarships are NOT allocated for the following:
o Travel expenses to/from practices or competitions
o Down-payments or deposits on equipment
o Sport program fundraising requirements
o Down-payments or deposits on parent/volunteer hours
• Scholarship recipients must submit a new application request if selected to participate in post-season honors, playoff games, all-star competitions, or similar events after the regular season.


How to Apply

1. Complete the Newberry’s BLOCK application form (fill in all sections) and verify your financial situation in accordance with the application instructions.
2. Make sure your athlete is enrolled and registered with MEGA for SZN3.
3. Email with your complete application and proof of income. We will send it to directly to the board at Newberry's BLOCK for review.

4. Application is reviewed by Newberry’s BLOCK within 30 days of receipt.
5. In addition to the application form, Newberry’s BLOCK review may include an in-person or phone interview with the applicant, parent/guardian, and/or endorser. This review may also include the applicant’s school report card and/or school attendance record.
6. Newberry’s BLOCK will notify the applicant and family of possible scholarship decisions in writing within 10 days of its decision. 

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