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  •  I will exhibit sportsmanship and fair play at every practice, and game competition.  I will also encourage this behavior from other teammates, coaches, officials, parents, and supporters.

  • I will make every reasonable effort to attend all practices and games, and I will notify my coach if I cannot attend a practice or game competition.

  • I understand that playing time is determined by my attendance, attitude, and performance at practices.

  • I will treat other players, coaches, officials and fans with respect regardless of race, sex, or ability, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.

  • I will encourage my parents to be involved with my team in some capacity because it is important to me.

  • I understand that I am representing the MΣGΔ™ Football and Cheer organization Poor behavior during

  • practices, games, or at school may result in loss of playing time and expulsion from the team.

  • I will not engage in physical or verbal confrontations with players, coaches, officials or fans before, during or after practices and game competition.

  • I will refrain from the use of foul or offensive language.

  • I will come to practices and game competitions ready to listen, watch and learn from my coaches.

  • I will understand the rules of the game and play within them.

  • I will be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.

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